Actress Mahnoor Baloch Hot Photo

Mahnoor Baloch  juggles home and work with expertise. “I have my priorities set. I always handle one project at a time and never let my work effect my home and family.” This is also one of the reasons for her vanishing act after every serial. “I always take into account the team, cast and the director I am supposed to work with before committing myself. I prefer working with good people. The environment matters a lot to me. Consequently, I have done only five to six plays in ten years.” This she says is the reason for her scandal free career.

“The realm of showbiz is perilous as far as one’s reputation is concerned. One has to be very careful while laughing, smiling and even talking to people. Here, scandals are like quagmires, once you are in, it is difficult to get out. There are some people who get all the wrong ideas if you smile or talk to them in a pleasant manner. They have that ‘hansi to phansi’ mentality. I managed to stay away because I don’t indulge in idle gossip.” Mahnoor loves to be in the limelight. “I guess it’s quite natural,” she says smiling. “I mean who wouldn’t want to be loved unconditionally and admired by all.”

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